InvisiClues for Scroll Thief by Daniel M. Stelzer

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  1. General Questions
    1. Magic
      1. How do scrolls work?
        1. A scroll is a sheet of parchment infused with Presence.
        2. It bears the incantation for a particular spell.
        3. When you read the incantation aloud, the Presence is invoked and the spell activates.
        4. The release of power consumes the scroll in the process.
      2. How do spell books work?
        1. A spell book contains a large amount of Presence bound up by powerful spells.
        2. To cast a spell from a book, you first have to 'prepare' it.
        3. You can then make the spell go off by saying the final word ("gnusto", "frotz", etc).
        4. This process is longer and more complicated, but it doesn't destroy the book.
        5. So a spell in a spell book can be cast as many times as you need.
      3. How does copying spells work?
        1. There are two ways of copying spells.
        2. First, a spell can be copied from a scroll to another scroll, simply by transcribing the incantation.
        3. The command for this is COPY FROTZ TO THE PARCHMENT.
        4. A blank scroll already contains all the Presence required, so this is all you need to do.
        5. Second, a spell can be copied from a scroll to a spell book by the gnusto spell.
        6. The command for this is GNUSTO FROTZ (or CAST GNUSTO AT THE PARCHMENT, etc).
        7. This consumes the Presence in the scroll to bind it into the magic of the spell book.
        8. You can't write in a spell book normally, or copy spells out of it&emdash;the magic powering it is too strong, and the spells are too tightly bound into it.
      4. How does preparing spells work?
        1. When you have a spell written in a spell book, the casting process is slower.
        2. First you 'prepare' or 'memorize' the spell.
        3. This is the first and most elaborate part of the casting. You go through most of the incantations, drawing on the Presence of the spell book, but don't quite finish the spell.
        4. After that you can cast it at any time, even without your spell book, by saying the final word.
        5. This is the "activation word" given in the name of the spell ("lesoch", "rezrov", etc).
        6. When you say that word the spell takes effect.
      5. How does erasing scrolls work?
        1. The Praeceptor gave you a correction film which can blank out a spell scroll.
        2. Simply PUT THE FILM ON THE PARCHMENT and it will erase the incantation while leaving the Presence.
        3. You can then write another spell on the parchment as usual.
        4. This doesn't work on older scrolls (i.e. most scrolls you'll find).
        5. But if you copy a spell to a spell scroll, or see a scroll written, it can be blanked out.
        6. This lets you correct for mistakes.
    2. Scoring
      1. I've finished the game but I don't have all 100 points!
        1. ...I only have 99 points!
          1. Yes, this game does indeed have a Last Lousy Point.
          2. It involves the Disused Closet.
          3. Try looking at the problem from a different perspective.
          4. That's all the help you get here. Good luck.
        2. ...I only have 97 or 98 points!
          1. There's another way into the secret tunnel you found.
          2. Where else in the Library might it connect?
          3. Try opening the door there too.
        3. ...I have between 90 and 97 points!
          1. I'm guessing you've played this game before.
          2. You get some points for talking to the ghosts, even if you already know about the Cubes.
        4. ...I have less than 90 points!
          1. Are you sure you've finished the game?
          2. See the questions below.
      2. I haven't finished the game, but I have all 100 points!
        1. Yes you have.
        2. You've finished all that's been released at this point, at least.
        3. You can try going back for achievements and alternate endings too.
      3. I've finished the game, and I have all 100 points!
        1. Good for you.
      4. I haven't finished the game, and I don't have all 100 points!
        1. What else is new?
        2. Just keep trying. Perseverance is key.
        3. The hints below might be helpful.
        4. Good luck!
  2. The Library
    1. The Entrance
      1. How do I get into the library?
        1. Have you looked through your possessions?
        2. You have a spell scroll which may help here.
    2. Central Area
      1. How do I get the gnusto spell?
        1. There are two solutions to this puzzle.
        2. (The second solution starts at clue 8.)
        3. One way is to get the case open.
        4. There is a spell to open locked or enchanted objects.
        5. You need to deal with the workbench in the Spell Research Room first.
        6. Probably best to make a copy before using the scroll. Rezrov is useful.
        7. Then REZROV THE CASE.
        8. Second solution:
        9. Have you looked in the pen case?
        10. You can copy one scroll to another.
        11. If you get two blank scrolls, you can make two copies of the gnusto spell.
        12. And GNUSTO GNUSTO.
      2. How do I reveal the invisible tenets?
        1. You need the zikkle spell.
        2. Have you spoken to the rockworms?
        3. Have you given a spellbook to the rockworms?
        4. Where exactly did you find these rockworms?
        5. There are no rockworms.
        6. Nor are there any invisible tenets.
      3. People have arrived! What do I do?
        1. Listen to what they have to say.
        2. Answer their questions.
        3. Maybe you can help them.
        4. It's not like you have much choice.
      4. The people have left. What now?
        1. You could leave the Library.
        2. You have a new spell.
        3. You could experiment with it.
        4. Frobar also mentioned things being stored in the closet to the northeast.
        5. There doesn't seem to be anything in there now, though.
        6. Maybe you could find out where it all went.
        7. And of course you can try to acquire more magic.
      5. What is the blorple spell good for?
        1. You need to find an object which has mystical connections.
        2. Something which is magically linked to another object, perhaps.
        3. Try casting blorple at a scrying device.
    3. East
      1. What does this 'Scroll Dispenser' do?
        1. Read the sign on the dispenser.
        2. It dispenses scrolls.
        3. It's like a vending machine. Press a button, it prints a scroll.
      2. The dispenser seems to be broken...
        1. It looks like there's a paper jam.
        2. Have you tried the fizmo spell?
        3. A technician will be here in the morning.
        4. Unfortunately there is no way to fix the dispenser.
      3. Why is the calendar glowing?
        1. Someone must have cast frotz on it.
        2. This space intentionally left blank.
        3. This space intentionally left blank.
      4. What does the spell-mixing extension do?
        1. It allows you to combine the basic spells into more interesting ones.
        2. For example:
        3. frotz + blorb = blortz ("create a light strongbox")
        4. lesoch + nitfol = lesfol ("converse with a gust of wind")
        5. Interesting idea, isn't it?
        6. Unfortunately there is no spell-mixing extension.
    4. Northeast
      1. What is there of interest in the disused closet?
        1. Have you examined the markings in the dust?
        2. It looks like there was something interesting here a while back.
        3. You could find out where the boxes were moved to.
        4. You need the lleps spell before you can solve this puzzle.
      2. How do I deal with the spiders?
        1. The borch spell will put insects to sleep.
        2. But spiders aren't insects.
        3. By the way...
        4. What spiders?
        5. This space intentionally left blank.
      3. What can I do with the alarm box?
        1. It seems to be the central point for the alarm system.
        2. If you could shut it off, the security lockdown could be lifted.
        3. One way is to say the passphrase.
        4. Another is brute force.
      4. How do I get the box down from the ceiling?
        1. It seems to be dangling by a thin chain.
        2. The box itself is light and doesn't weigh much.
        3. Perhaps you could make it heavier?
        4. Strongboxes are pretty heavy.
      5. How do I open the secret door?
        1. Have you tried OPEN THE DOOR?
        2. Rezrov works too, but it's not necessary.
      6. How do I reveal the secret door?
        1. The same way the librarians did.
        2. Just imitate their actions.
      7. How can I clear away the dust?
        1. Lesoch can blow it away.
        2. There's not really a reason to clear it away.
        3. But if you want to, go ahead.
        4. No reason not to either.
        5. This space intentionally left blank.
        6. This space intentionally left blank.
      8. How can I find the opening of the vent?
        1. You can send the Adventurer to the Clean Room by giving a series of commands.
        3. What could they do in the Clean Room to make the vent noticeable?
        4. There are two main methods here.
        5. (The second solution starts at hint #8.)
        6. Those vents seem to be made of metal.
        7. They'd probably make a loud noise when hit.
        8. Second solution:
        9. The vents attach to the small oven in the Clean Room.
        10. A light source placed in the oven could shine through the vent.
        11. Either frotz something or use the Adventurer's lantern.
      9. How do I get rid of the Adventurer?
        1. Why are they here in the first place?
        2. Look at the objects in the Clean Room.
        3. Read the dark scroll.
        4. You can gnusto through a scrying device.
        6. Or, more concisely, LLEPS ZIFMIA ADVENTURER.
      10. What can I do with the ordinary scroll?
        1. You can see it well enough to make a copy.
        2. Gnusto isn't powerful enough to put it into your spell book.
        3. What if you made it more powerful?
        5. Or, more concisely, YONK GNUSTO YONK.
    5. North
      1. How do I get the scribbled scroll?
        2. A better question might be "how do I get the scribbled scroll without the trap going off?"
      2. How do I get the scribbled scroll without the trap going off?
        1. There are two ways to go about this.
        2. After the trap is activated, it doesn't rearm automatically.
        3. If you can set it off safely, you can then take the scroll at your leisure.
        4. (See the next question for this solution.)
        5. Alternately, you could remove the scroll without setting off the trap.
        6. Spell scrolls are fairly lightweight objects.
        7. Perhaps a gust of wind would blow it off.
        8. CAST LESOCH.
      3. How can I set off the trap safely?
        1. The trap springs when you put your weight on the workbench.
        2. So you could LEAN ON THE WORKBENCH.
        3. Or order someone else to do so.
        4. Of course, that won't end well for the person involved.
        5. You can also throw a heavy object onto the bench.
        6. Unfortunately, the trap requires quite a lot of weight to spring. Most things won't set it off.
        7. A strongbox sounds like a pretty heavy thing.
      4. What was the Assimilation Incident?
        1. See the asterisk on the poster.
        2. Ask a librarian.
        3. Examining the workbench also provides a slight clue.
        4. Once you've learned a bit more about scrying, a spell provides another clue.
      5. How can I go down the stairs?
        1. You can't.
        2. Perhaps someone else can.
        3. Someone who explores for a living must be much less claustrophobic.
        4. If you haven't met this character yet, you might examine the Scrying Room more closely.
        5. The Adventurer can help you here.
      6. How can I get back up after the stairs collapse?
        1. Well, why did you collapse the stairs?
        2. That was not a particularly bright idea.
        3. Now you're stuck down there.
        4. You can still use gilch to see what's happening elsewhere.
        5. Perhaps you can have the Adventurer come rescue you?
        6. If you have a rope, the Adventurer can pull you up.
        7. The stairs never collapse.
        8. So there is no need to come back up.
      7. How can I get someone's attention while I'm incorporeal?
        1. Gilch does make it hard to interact with people.
        2. But you can still cast other spells.
        3. Filfre is very good for drawing attention.
        4. Then variants on yomin can be used to communicate.
        5. Note that gilch is not implemented in this game.
      8. How can I get a clear view of the Clean Room?
        1. Send the Adventurer with a scrying device to the bottom of the stairs.
        2. The syntax here is a bit unusual.
        4. (Or AIM THE SPHERE THROUGH THE DOORS, or other variations.)
      9. What can I do with the apparatus?
        1. It looks very complicated.
        2. The Adventurer doesn't understand it at all.
        3. Nor do you.
        4. So nothing really.
        5. This space intentionally left blank.
      10. How can I get a palantir into the Clean Room?
        1. You can't take one through the doors.
        2. Have you seen what the Clean Room looks like?
        3. Those vents look interesting.
        4. What room would be right above the Clean Room?
        5. Perhaps you could find the opening of those vents there.
        6. (Further hints in that section.)
      11. How can I get the torch through the staircase?
        1. Have you tried DROP TORCH?
        2. You need someone down there to catch it.
        4. Of course, torches are somewhat unnecessary when you have frotz.
        5. And the Adventurer has a lantern anyway.
        6. Where did you find a torch?
    6. Northwest
      1. What can I find here?
        1. A variety of scrying devices are provided for the use of the students.
        2. Why not EXAMINE THE MIRRORS?
        3. The glowing ones might be interesting.
      2. How do I scry?
        1. Just LOOK INTO a scrying device.
      3. I'm scrying, but all I see is my reflection.
        1. Your scrying device is turned off.
        2. Perhaps there are some that are turned on?
      4. I'm scrying, but all I see is an error message.
        1. The security lockdown has prevented scrying within the library.
        2. You need to deactivate the alarm before you can see anything else.
      5. I'm scrying, but all I see is darkness.
        1. Try in a different location.
        2. If a scrying device and its partner are too close together, they show only darkness.
      6. I'm scrying, but it's too dark to see anything.
        1. Try putting a light source near the other scrying device.
        2. You can also cast spells through a scrying connection.
        3. Spells such as frotz.
      7. What can I do with the Adventurer?
        1. If the Adventurer is in the cave, interacting with them will be difficult.
        2. You need to get them into the Library somehow.
        3. Try reading De Evocatio.
        4. It's the blue book in the cabinet in the Scrying Room.
      8. How can I open the aquarium?
        1. Have you tried rezrov?
        2. Unfortunately the spell isn't strong enough to break the glass.
        3. You need to augment its power somehow.
        4. You need the yonk spell.
    7. West
      1. Are any of these books useful?
        1. Several contain useful information.
        2. Others are hints for certain puzzles.
        3. But none are necessary for completing the game.
      2. How far west can I go?
        1. As far as you like. It's magic.
        2. But there's no need to explore.
        3. The shelves are enchanted to bring you whatever book you need.
      3. How do I climb the shelves?
        1. Have you tried CLIMB THE SHELVES?
        2. You need some way to circumvent the anti-climbing spells.
        3. Girgol will prevent the shelves from moving while you climb.
        4. However, there is no girgol spell in this game.
        5. Therefore you cannot climb the shelves.
        6. It's not possible.
      4. What can I do while on top of the shelves?
        1. You're now close enough to examine the magical lights.
        2. What do they indicate about the lighting systems?
        3. Is there a way to reverse the effects of a frotz spell?
        4. You need the lleps spell here.
        5. Turn on the lights, link the systems together, then LLEPS FROTZ LIGHTS.
        6. Since you can't get on top of the shelves, this isn't possible.
        7. Might be an interesting puzzle in the future.
        8. But not in the current version.
    8. Southwest
      1. How can I activate the Reshelver?
        1. Try turning it on?
        2. You can't. You need a librarian to do it.
      2. How do I use the Reshelver?
        1. First it needs to be turned on.
        2. See the question above.
        3. You can't use it.
        4. This space intentionally left blank.
      3. How can I check out the purple book?
        1. It's still checked out to someone else.
        2. It needs to be checked in first.
        3. See the question above about the Reshelver.
      4. How can I get the purple book out of the returns room?
        1. It is possible to get the book out.
        2. But are you sure you need the book itself?
        3. The book is confined to the room, the spells are not.
        4. If you memorize a spell from the book, the barrier won't stop you.
        6. If you do want to get the book itself out of the room:
        7. There are two ways to do this.
        8. The second way starts at clue 15.
        9. You need the Adventurer's help for this.
        10. Have you noticed that you can sometimes see people in adjacent rooms?
        11. (Try LOOK SOUTHWEST or such, toward the location of the Adventurer.)
        12. If you can see a person, you can cast zifmia at them.
        13. Give the book to the Adventurer, then leave the room and use zifmia.
        14. Note that if you ever bring the book back into the room, it will be trapped again.
        15. Alternate solution:
        16. You need the blorple spell.
        17. Have you tried using that spell on a palantir?
        18. It can be used to teleport you to the location of the linked sphere.
        19. Along with everything you're holding.
        20. There are a few other ways to solve this too but they're intentionally harder to find.
      5. How can I summon a librarian?
        1. You need the zifmia spell.
        2. But ZIFMIA LIBRARIAN isn't enough.
        3. Have you examined the workbench in the spell research room?
        4. Try reading the note attached to the bench.
        5. A portrait can suffice for summoning, if it is otherwise enchanted.
        6. Have you examined the portrait in the tiny office?
        7. Look at the portrait, then ZIFMIA LIBRARIAN.
      6. How can I get into the Office?
        1. Open the door.
        2. You'll need to unlock it somehow first.
        3. The key isn't anywhere nearby.
        4. Try using magic.
        5. The rezrov spell will open the door.
      7. How do I awaken the librarian?
        1. She's pretty soundly asleep.
        2. Probably a good thing, too, or she might start raising the alarm.
        3. Her wards prevent you from doing anything to her physically.
        4. And she doesn't respond to anything you say.
        5. There is no way to awaken the librarian.
      8. How do I get information from the librarian?
        1. Have you tried talking to her?
        2. She seems to be listening, even if she's not replying.
        3. And if she's listening, perhaps she's thinking about what you're saying?
        4. If you could read her thoughts, you might learn what she was considering.
      9. Why can't I summon the librarian again?
        1. She had forgotten to cast her ward against summoning spells last night.
        2. After being awakened by your spell she corrected that error.
      10. How do I keep the librarian from leaving?
        1. Once she wakes up, she will leave.
        2. There's nothing you can do about that.
        3. The librarian will never wake up until later in the game.
        4. At that point it is no longer necessary to talk to her.
      11. Where did the librarian go?
        1. Back to bed, most likely.
    9. South
      1. Can I go back to the Entrance?
        1. Everything you need is inside the library.
        2. No.
    10. Southeast
      1. How do I get through the wooden door?
        1. Have you tried looking through the keyhole?
        2. The key is in the lock, on the inside.
        3. You could poke something through the keyhole...
        4. ...but you don't have anything thin enough.
        5. You could use rezrov...
        6. ...but the key keeps the lock from turning.
        7. You need more spells before you can deal with this problem.
        8. You need to get the aquarium open and learn to use the palantiri.
      2. Is there anything useful in the piles of junk?
        1. Yes.
        2. The difficulty is in distinguishing what is magical.
        3. You need the jindak spell.
        4. You can't get this spell until you've explored the Chasm.
        5. JINDAK THE JUNK.
      3. What is the purpose of this cube?
        1. Why not ask someone?
        2. The Adventurer doesn't know.
        3. The Enchanters and librarian are gone.
        4. But the ghosts might know something about it.
    11. Up
      1. How can I get on top of the dome?
        1. Have you tried to CLIMB THROUGH THE WINDOW?
        2. It's far too high to climb through.
        3. Unless you can fly, it's not happening.
      2. Is there anything to do up here?
        1. Look around at the scenery.
        2. There is another person up there, actually.
        3. You need the vhelas spell.
        4. You can't get this spell until you've explored the Chasm.
        5. Try again later.
        6. The Astronomer will give you clues about what you need to do next.
        7. Re-cast the vhelas spell if it wears off before you're done.
      3. How do I get down?
        1. The same way you got up there.
    12. Down
      1. How do I get out of the cellar?
        1. The same way you got into the cellar.
        2. How did you get into the cellar, by the way?
        3. There is no cellar.
      2. Can I prevent the trapdoor from closing behind me?
        1. No.
        2. There is no trapdoor.
        3. In the current version, at least...
        4. This space intentionally left blank.
      3. How can I bring a light source into the maze?
        1. Try frotz?
        2. There is no maze.
        3. If there were, there would be some clever gimmick.
        4. There is one in the next part of the story by the way.
        5. In the coal mine area.
        6. But it does indeed have a gimmick.
        7. The player can use a map.
        8. It is a very interesting puzzle.
        9. You'll see once it comes out.
  3. The Caves
    1. How do I reach the caves?
      1. If you're still in Act 1, you can't.
      2. If you're in Act 2, you have something new to experiment with.
      3. Think about the spells you have.
      4. Scrying probably involves some 'mystical connections'.
    2. The Splendid Cavern Area
      1. What do I do here?
        1. Explore.
        2. Look for signs of magic.
        3. The Adventurer is probably around here somewhere too.
      2. What can I do with the bird?
        1. Talk to it.
        2. Try the nitfol spell.
        3. It doesn't like snakes.
      3. How can I catch the bird?
        1. Have you tried to TAKE THE BIRD?
        2. You would need a cage of some sort.
        3. You can't catch the bird.
        4. However, it does seem rather amiable.
        5. If you tell it to do something it might help you.
        6. Use the nitfol spell.
      4. How can I untie the rope from the hook?
        1. Have you tried UNTIE THE ROPE FROM THE HOOK?
        2. Of course, you'll then need another way down.
        3. You can also use the rezrov spell on the rope.
    3. The Misty Cavern
      1. Is there a way across the fissure in the Misty Cavern?
        1. It's too far to jump.
        2. You don't have the golgatem spell.
        3. Perhaps you could fly across?
        4. You need the izyuk spell.
      2. How can I climb down the fissure?
        1. It's very deep.
        2. Don't continue until you've found the rope ladder.
        3. Well, you clearly aren't following directions.
        4. There is no rope ladder.
        5. You can't climb down the fissure.
        6. Really.
        7. Though I might add that in the future...
      3. What can I do at the bottom of the fissure?
        1. You can't get to the bottom of the fissure.
        2. So this question is fairly pointless.
      4. Can I remove the damp paper from the spike without damaging it?
        1. Did you try TAKE PAPER?
        2. Yes, you can.
        3. Just take the paper.
        4. That's all there is to it.
        5. Nothing more.
      5. What is the significance of the paper?
        1. Have you read both sides?
        3. That password might be useful.
      6. How can I climb back up?
        1. CLIMB ROPE, or simply GO UP.
        2. Of course, if you've removed the rope, this might be a problem.
        3. If you have the izyuk spell you can fly back up.
        4. Otherwise you need to be a bit more creative.
        5. You need to find some way to get the end of the rope back up there.
        6. Maybe you could throw something.
        7. Have you explored the Dead End?
        8. Have you examined the wooden staff?
        10. Now you need to anchor it somehow.
        11. There's a spell that will help with this.
        12. Could you make the staff heavier or harder to move somehow?
        13. BLORB THE STAFF.
        14. If the area at the top is dark, you can't see the staff.
        15. Pull the staff back down, then frotz it first.
      7. How can I get past the snake?
        1. There are a few different ways to do this.
        2. The simplest is to keep the snake contained.
        3. You can trap it from a distance with a spell.
        4. BLORB THE SNAKE.
        5. You can also use the Adventure solution.
        6. Bring the bird to the snake.
        7. See above about catching the bird.
        8. Alternately, the snake will let you pass if it likes you.
        9. It seems to be a 'hostile creature' at the moment.
        10. Use the vaxum spell.
        11. It helps if the snake can understand you, of course.
        12. Nitfol will help with this.
    4. Below the Misty Cavern
      1. Why did a hollow voice say "plugh"?
        1. Have you tried saying "plugh"?
        2. Try it somewhere other than Y2.
        3. Consult the Encyclopedia Frobozzica.
        4. Consult your journal.
        5. Now you know.
      2. How can I use the plugh spell?
        1. Have you tried saying "plugh"?
        2. ...while at Y2?
        3. Have you consulted your journal?
        4. Early teleportation spells were unreliable and dangerous.
        5. You don't want to use it.
        6. Really.
      3. The Adventurer seems angry.
        1. Well, you did just use magic to mind-control them.
        2. Perhaps you could make them less hostile somehow?
        3. You need to resort to magic again.
        4. You need the vaxum spell.
        5. See the clues for the northeast part of the Library.
      4. Can the Adventurer help me?
        1. Why not ask?
    5. The Overlook and the Chasm
      1. What does the Adventurer need?
        1. They can't explore the pit without a rope and an anchor of some sort.
        2. But at the moment they have neither.
      2. Where can I find a rope?
        1. There's the one you climbed down to get here.
        2. You need to detach it from the hook somehow.
        3. If you have another way to get down, you can go to the top and untie it.
        4. You can also use the rezrov spell.
      3. Where can I find an anchor?
        1. You need something large and solid to tie the rope to.
        2. The "Y2" rock would be good, but it's too far away.
        3. But if you could carry it around with you, it probably wouldn't be a good anchor here.
        4. You'll need to use magic.
        5. Find a way to create a heavy object.
        6. Drop something, then cast blorb on it.
      4. I have everything set up. What now?
        1. Just ask the Adventurer to CLIMB DOWN.
        2. They'll tell you if there's anything else you need to do.
      5. The Adventurer found something...what now?
        1. The Adventurer doesn't know much about magic.
        2. You should go down yourself to check.
        3. Just repeat what you saw the Adventurer do.
      6. I've found something...what now?
        1. The mirror is inactive at the moment.
        2. You need a password to activate it.
        3. Have you explored across the fissure?
        4. The password is on the back of the note there.
        5. It is generated randomly, so it changes every time you play.
      7. How can I get back up?
        1. If you pull on the rope, the Adventurer will pull you back up.
        2. If you aren't tied to the rope, you have a problem.
        3. You'll need to use magic quickly.
        4. Either IZYUK ME or BLORPLE some scrying device.
    6. The Ruined Hall
      1. What can I do here?
        1. Have you explored both ends of the hall?
        2. That stone box looks interesting.
      2. How can I open the box?
        1. Try rezrov?
        2. It can't be opened while it's embedded in the pillar.
        3. You need to remove it somehow.
      3. How can I avoid collapsing the ceiling?
        1. Removing the box will destroy the pillar.
        2. Destroying the pillar will collapse the ceiling.
        3. You have to remove the box.
        4. So you cannot avoid collapsing the ceiling.
      4. How can I collapse the ceiling without dying?
        1. You need to trigger the collapse while being on the other side of the room.
        2. In other words, you need to pull the box while being at the south end.
        4. Then go south and PULL THE ROPE.