The Enigma of the Old Manor House — 12 of 28

Daniel M. Stelzer

Release 2

Part Library

The Library is a room. "[if there should not be light]You can feel more than see the tall, imposing bookshelves all around, as if they're closing in on you in the gloom. You move carefully, trying not to trip on any wayward books[otherwise]The walls of this room are lined with wooden bookshelves, sagging under the weight of the books they once held[end if]."

Some shelves are a supporter in the library. They are scenery. Understand "bookshelves" or "book shelf" or "book shelves" or "shelf" or "bookshelf" or "wooden" or "sagging" as the shelves.

A ladder is an enterable supporter in the Library. It is pushable between rooms. "A wheeled ladder stands in the corner." The description of the ladder is "It's old, but it looks sturdy. The solid base and four wheels mean it doesn't have to actually lean against the shelves for support." Instead of pushing or pulling or turning or taking the ladder: say "It's too heavy to lift, but you can push it around pretty well."

After going with the ladder:

say "You push the ladder ahead of you...";

continue the action.

A heap of books is fixed in place in the Library. "The books lie all in a heap on the floor, like someone's been throwing them around." The description of the heap of books is "There are dozens and dozens of them all over the ground, their spines bent and their pages torn." Understand "pile" or "book" as the heap. It is ambiguously plural and lightbound.

An armload of books is a thing. The description of the armload of books is "You open one of them:[br][i]This game was tested by[br][t]Andrew Schultz[br][t]Mike Russo[br][t]Amanda B[br][t]Sarah Stelzer[br][t]Ada Stelzer[br][t]Grace Foster[br][t]Matt[br][t]Wallace[br][t]Elisabeth[br][t]Jeff (Fos1)[br][t]Nils Fagerburg[br][t]Zed Lopez[br]Post-comp fixes suggested by[br][t]Mathbrush[br]Thank you for playing![/i]".

Does the player mean doing something to the armload of books: it is likely. Understand "book" as the armload. It is ambiguously plural.

Some shelved books are a thing. "Thanks to your valiant efforts, some of the books have been reshelved." They are fixed in place. The description of the shelved books is "They're not organized at all, but at least they're not just heaped on the floor." Understand "book" as the shelved books. They are ambiguously plural.

Before going from the Library when the armload of books is carried: try dropping the armload.

Instead of putting the armload on the ladder: say "The steps aren't quite wide enough for that; the books would just scatter everywhere."

After dropping the armload of books:

say "You let the books fall back into the heap.";

remove the armload from play.

Instead of taking or searching the heap:

say "You scoop up some[if the armload is carried] more[end if] books from the pile.";

now the armload is carried by the player;

set pronouns from the armload.

Instead of taking or searching the shelved books:

say "You scoop up some books from the shelves.";

now the armload is carried by the player.

Instead of putting the armload on the shelves:

say "You do your best to put [if the shelved books are on the shelves]some more[else]the[end if] books back on the shelves, making the library look a bit more like a library again.";

now the shelved books are on the shelves;

remove the armload from play.