The Enigma of the Old Manor House — 11 of 28

Daniel M. Stelzer

Release 2

Part Sunroom

The Sunroom is a room. "Moonlight streams in through the glass walls and ceiling, filling the room with a cold, silvery sort of glow. This must be the one room in the mansion that wasn't boarded up; it looks like a tiny greenhouse, and these shelves must have been full of plants at some point. Now they're all empty and bare. Like a skeleton of what used to be."

Understand "ring [something]" as attacking.

A little hook is a hanger in the Sunroom.

A mess of broken shards is fixed in place in the Sunroom. "A big pile of dirt and broken clay covers the floor[if the hook is not mentioned] under a [little hook], where something must have been hanging[end if]." The description of the shards is "Messy and very sharp, with all the broken bits of clay[if the chimes are off-stage]. Something glimmers under the dirt[end if]." Understand "glimmer" or "dirt" or "clay" or "bits" or "pile" or "shard" as the mess of shards.

Instead of searching or pushing or pulling or turning or rubbing or taking or looking under the shards:

if the gloves are not worn:

say "[one of]You sift through some of the dirt, until a shard catches the side of your finger and draws blood. Ouch![or]You don't really want [i]more[/i] cuts right now.[stopping]";

otherwise if the chimes are off-stage:

say "You sift your hands through the dirt and shards until suddenly something clinks. You pull it out: it looks like a little set of wind chimes.";

now the player carries the chimes;


say "You sift through the dirt some more, but there's nothing else to find."

Some wind chimes are a thing. The description of the wind chimes is "Remarkably shiny, even when they're covered in dirt. They make a little ringing sound as they bump against each other."

Instead of attacking or touching or rubbing the chimes: say "You tap one of the chimes and it plays a high, clear [one of]F sharp[or]B[purely at random]."

Rule for writing a paragraph about a hanger which supports the chimes:

say "Some [wind chimes] hang from [the holder of the chimes], silent in the still air.".

A sunroom-skylight is an inside-skylight in the Sunroom. It leads to the Roof. The initial appearance is "One of the panes in the roof is set on hinges, to act as a skylight." The description is "It looks like this one pane is meant to open, maybe for ventilation?" Understand "pane" and "hinge" and "hinges" as the sunroom-skylight.