The Enigma of the Old Manor House — 15 of 28

Daniel M. Stelzer

Release 2

Part Sitting Room

The Sitting Room is a room. "The huge windows and overhead skylight would normally make this room look nice and comfortable, but they're all boarded over from the outside, turning it all vaguely menacing instead. [if the breaker panel is not switched on]Pale slivers of moonlight shine in from between the boards[else]The overhead lights drown out the bits of moonlight and just make it all look flat, like a movie set[end if]."

A huge wardrobe is a closed openable locked enterable container in the Sitting Room. It is fixed in place. The tiny silver key unlocks it. The wardrobe is lightbound. The initial appearance of the wardrobe is "A huge wardrobe (or maybe it's an 'armoire'?) leans back against the wall." The description of the wardrobe is "One of its legs seems to have given out, making it lean like this. It's currently [if closed]closed[else]open[end if]."

Instead of opening the locked huge wardrobe: say "You tug on the handles, but nothing happens. It must be locked[--]there's a little silver keyhole on the front."

Understand "little" or "silver" or "keyhole" or "handle" or "handles" or "armoire" as the wardrobe.

Instead of pushing or pulling or turning the wardrobe: say "You shove it, but it doesn't fall. Which is probably a good thing, with you right here next to it."

A curtain rod is a hanger in the Sitting Room. "A few tattered scraps of fabric hang from the curtain rods over the windows, the remains of what must have once been some sort of drapery." Understand "drape" or "drapes" or "drapery" or "fabric" or "scraps" or "scraps of" or "tattered" or "rods" or "curtains" as the rod. It is lightbound.

A pair of gloves is in the wardrobe. It is wearable. It is ambiguously plural. The description is "Very old and kind of stiff."

A sitting-room-skylight is an inside-skylight in the Sitting Room. It leads to the Roof. It is scenery. The description is "The glass has been covered up, but it looks like it could still open, if you pushed on it right."

Some boarded windows are scenery in the Sitting Room. Understand "boards" and "board" or "window" as the boarded windows. The description is "Were the boards meant to keep people out...or to keep someone in?"