The Enigma of the Old Manor House — 16 of 28

Daniel M. Stelzer

Release 2

Part Dining Room

The Dining Room is a room. "[if there should be darkness]Stacks and stacks of boxes loom all around you as you feel your way forward, threatening to topple over at any moment. You try to focus on your steps, try not to trip, try not to imagine what would happen if you crashed into something and brought them all down on top of you..[otherwise]The big table in the middle shows that this used to be a dining room, but it's more of a storage space now, full to the gills with taped cardboard boxes. This must be where everything else from the manor was put, all shoved in here and forgotten about[end if]."

A big table is an enterable supporter in the Dining Room. It is scenery.

A mess of fallen boxes is a hazard in the Dining Room. It is lightbound. "At least one of those stacks has fallen over[if cleared], though you've managed to clear a path through it to the door[else], completely blocking the south door[end if]." Understand "stack" and "stacks" as the mess of fallen boxes.

Instead of pushing the mess of fallen boxes:

if the noun is uncleared:

say "You do your best to stack some of the boxes back up, making a path through the mess.";

now the noun is cleared;

now the jam2 is unjammed;


say "You haul a couple more boxes out of the way."

Instead of opening or searching the boxes: say "They're quite securely sealed up."