The Enigma of the Old Manor House — 17 of 28

Daniel M. Stelzer

Release 2

Part Kitchen

The Kitchen is a room. "[if there should be darkness]You can feel counters all around you, a sink, some sort of furniture[else]This room feels different from the rest of the mansion. Simple and empty and kind of sterile. A place you could imagine was part of a living house, if not for all the dust. And the silence[end if]."

Some cabinets are a closed openable container in the Kitchen. They are fixed in place. "A row of cabinets stands above the sink." They are lightbound. Understand "row" or "row of" or "cabinet" as the cabinets. The description of the cabinets is "The hinges look rusty, but still functional." Understand "hinge" or "hinges" as the cabinets.

After opening or closing the cabinets:

say "The hinges make an awful squeal as you move them.";

continue the action.

Some shattered china is in the cabinets. It is fixed in place. [Instead of taking the shattered china: say "It would be hard to take any of it without just hurting your hands."] It is not plural-named. The indefinite article is "some".

Some intact china is in the cabinets. Understand "cup" and "saucer" as the intact china. The description is "A matching cup and saucer that have somehow remained intact." It is not plural-named. The indefinite article is "some".

Instead of taking something when the gloves are not worn and the noun is in the cabinets: say "The cabinets are full of little bits and shards, and getting splinters of porcelain in your hands sounds just awful."

A breaker panel is a device in the Kitchen. It is fixed in place and lightbound and not scenery. The initial appearance is "[if switched off]In the lamplight, you can make out a metal box off in the corner. A big lever on the front is switched off[else]The breaker panel is clear and easy to see in the fluorescent light[end if]." Understand "metal" or "box" or "lever" or "big lever" as the breaker panel.

Before turning or pushing or pulling the breaker panel:

if the noun is switched on, try switching off the noun instead;

otherwise try switching on the noun instead.

After switching on the breaker panel:

say "The lever is stiff and hard to move, but you push with all your strength, and all of a sudden it snaps over to the other side. There's a [i]hiss[/i] and then a [i]snap[/i] and then all of a sudden there's light everywhere. This must control all the electricity in the mansion, or at least in this wing.";

try looking.

After switching off the breaker panel:

say "You snap the lever back to where it was, and everything goes dark again.";

try looking.

A kitchen-skylight is an inside-skylight in the Kitchen. It leads to the Roof. The initial appearance is "A lone skylight casts a square of illumination on the floor[if the breaker panel is switched on], mostly drowned out by the fluorescent lights[end if]." The description is "Out of reach above the sink." Understand "lone" as the kitchen-skylight.

A sink is scenery in the Kitchen. The description is "It hasn't been used in ages." Instead of turning or pushing or pulling or switching on or switching off the sink: say "You twist the faucet, but nothing happens."

Some counters are an enterable supporter in the Kitchen. They are scenery. Understand "counter" as the counters.