The Enigma of the Old Manor House — 18 of 28

Daniel M. Stelzer

Release 2

Part Outside

The Outdoors is a room.

The main door of the mansion is a scenery door. It is south of the Entrance and north of the Outdoors. It is closed and locked.

Before unbolting or unlocking or opening the main door: refuse to leave instead.

Before going through the main door: refuse to leave instead.

To refuse to leave:

if the number of visited rooms is less than three:

say "You can't leave yet!";


say "[if the ghost is friendly]It's time to go[else]You can't take any more of this[end if]. You push the door open and hurry out of the mansion. Will anyone believe your story? You're not sure. But one thing is certain: you'll remember what happened, and what you've seen[if the ghost is friendly]. And the new friend you made[end if].";

end the story.