The Enigma of the Old Manor House — 27 of 28

Daniel M. Stelzer

Release 2

Part Missing Descriptions

[Definition: a thing is descriptionless if the description of it is empty.

When play begins:

say "Undescribed: [the list of descriptionless things]."]

[At this point, the only descriptionless things should be no-key (doesn't actually exist), the top of the desk, and the desk drawers (examining them is redirected to other actions).]

The description of the shattered china is "Someone has smashed it to slivers."

The description of the breaker panel is "A gray metal box with a big lever sticking out of it. It seems like it should have a label that says what the lever [i]does[/i], but no luck."

The description of the counters is "Cold and hard and probably made out of something fancy, but you're not sure what."

The description of the little hook is "Firmly affixed to the ceiling, for supporting...hanging plant pots, maybe? Something like that."

The description of the toppled furniture is "A couple of the stacks have fallen like dominoes, leaving furniture scattered everywhere and making the whole room a hazard to your shins and elbows[if uncleared]. One table has fallen against the east door, jamming it shut[else]. You've managed to drag the table away from the east door, at least[end if].". Understand "chairs" or "tables" or "chair" or "table" as the toppled furniture.

The description of the shelves is "Given how much they're sagging, they must have been filled with hundreds and hundreds of books, at one point."

Before examining the top of the desk: try searching the noun instead.

Before examining the desk drawers: try searching the noun instead.

The description of the tiny silver key is "It's less than an inch long, and still shiny, which probably means it's not actual silver. Silver gets tarnished if it sits around for too long, doesn't it? That sounds right."

The description of the big table is "You can imagine the old doctor sitting all his guests around this table for a fancy dinner, not knowing it was going to be the last night of his life on this earth. Or...wait, was he alone in the mansion when he died? If he was murdered there must have been some guests."

The description of the mess of fallen boxes is "This room has been turned into some kind of storage space for all these boxes, and you have to climb over them to get from one side to the other[if uncleared]. A couple of them are blocking the door to the south[else]. At least the door to the south is clear now[end if]."

The description of the main door is "On the outside it's all very grand and imposing, but from in here it looks the same as all the other doors."

The description of an internal-door is usually "It's currently [if open]open[else]closed[end if]."

The description of the curtain rod is "There must have been heavy curtains over the windows at some point, but someone has slashed them to shreds[--]letting you see just how securely the windows were boarded up from the other side. There's no escape that way."

The description of the ghost is "You squint and peer at it out of the corner of your eye, but still can't make anything out." [This shouldn't be printed, because there's other code for interacting with the ghost, but better safe than sorry. "You see nothing special about the ghost" is a bit silly.]